Precision Stackers

Innovative Precision Stackers

Available in a variety of arrangements that support both Stop & Drop and Continuous mode with Soft Piling®.

AFCO’s newest stacker features a 4 narrow lane bridge with servo motion control for precise blank transfer and stack building. Each lane includes permanent magnets with switchable vacuum zones for ferrous material and switchable vacuum zones only for non-ferrous blank material.

Additional features include highly versatile and independent guides used to create multiple contact points on shaped parts. Stack tamping capability can be provided at each contact point. Guide adjustments are automatically set from the part recipe and can be manually positioned and learned. If your goal is stacking laser welded blanks, surface sensitive blanks, aluminum blanks or all of these, many guide configurations are available to meet your exact stacking needs.

Hybrid Stackers

Hybrid Stackers utilize both vacuum and magnetics for blank transport and stacking. These hybrid stacking systems are capable of seamlessly transferring steel and aluminum blanks from press (or shear) to the desired stacking cart for proper blank piling.

A Conventional Magnetic Stacker can quickly and easily be converted to a Hybrid unit with the addition of an AFCO Vacuum and Air Adjustable Backup Retrofit. With the addition of this Retrofit to your existing magnetic stacker, you will expand your processing capabilities quickly and cost-effectively. AFCO’s vacuum retrofit will have you running aluminum within six months of order placement without significant disruption to your current production, requiring only one week for installation and commissioning.

Robotic Stackers

Expand your processing capabilities by utilizing an AFCO / LaserCoil two (2) robot stacking systems. Robots pick parts from the conveyor and stack those parts on required pallets. Rejected blanks can either be handled by the robots by being placed into a reject tub, or can be ignored and left to go out the end of the parts conveyor into a reject tub placed there.

Continuous line run and non-stop part stacking is achieved when each full stacking cart automatically rolls out of position and is replaced by the second cart per stacking station. Line setups are automatic by selection of a part number, selected from a library of parts. Stacking of blanks can be selected from several modes of operation per a customer’s preferences. Actual blank stacking will be continuous and automatic.

Vacuum Stackers

Vacuum only Stackers are designed and manufactured specifically for handling aluminum blanks by utilizing a vacuum system which transports blanks to the desired stacking station where blanks are neatly piled on designated pallets. 

Magnetic Stackers

Conventional magnetic stackers still meet a customer’s needs when only ferrous material are being processed.  When supplying this type of stacker AFCO will design and manufacture to meet today’s needs while planning for tomorrow’s.  The stacker will be designed and manufactured so it is ready to add our Vacuum Retrofit should your production needs change as markets continue to evolve.    

You can expand your processing capabilities quickly if the need arises.  We will quickly have you up and running with minimal down time when you add an AFCO Vacuum Retrofit to you conventional stacking system.

Stacked Parts